ARTS & LEISURE DIVISION: (alphabetical order)

  • Alec Borg – Grade 7 – Roslyn Harbor, NY – Downhill Run!
  • Jack Foster – Grade 8 – Rootstown, OH – Rubber Band Pinball Machine
  • Mary Lepore – Grade 8 – Avon, OH – Songs from Yesterday
  • Mary Kate Murray – Grade 7 – Hudson, OH – What Goes Around Comes Back Around
  • Sophia Thibodeaux – Grade 6 – North Ridgeville, OH – Trebuchet!
  • Ava Vandersee – Grade 5 – Yukon, OK – Shadows

SCIENCE & ENGINEERING DIVISION: (alphabetical order)

  • Gyllien Anderson – Grade 8 – Kent, OH – The Cats Cradle
  • Emma Budzowski – Grade 7 – Tallmadge, OH – M.T.C.R. (Masking Tape Cutter and Roller)
  • Rachel Pizzolato – Grade 8 – Metairie, LA – The Halo (Wrist and Hand Rehab)
  • Soham Joshi – Grade 8 – Lewis Center, OH – Rubber Band Enhanced Water Condensation Tower
  • Meghan Ponyik – Grade 7 – Tallmadge, OH – The Ultimate Pencil Holder
  • Sara Streett – Grade 7 – Cuyahoga Falls, OH – Service Dog Alarm

CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK to this year’s finalists!

NOTE: Each finalist must ship their inventions so that they arrive at the Akron Global Polymer Academy by May 11, 2018. AGPA will contact each finalist with shipping instructions. Once the inventions are received, the final round of judging will occur and the winners will be announced May 30, 2018 on this website!

Congratulations to each student that entered this year’s contest. Thank you for your hard work and for sharing your creativity with us. Thank you to all of the teachers, mentors, and parents who helped encourage and support the students!


Are you ready to learn about the exciting world of polymers, and stretch your imagination by getting hands-on with a polymer that has some truly unique and amazing properties?

Then come join the Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors – a contest hosted by the Akron Global Polymer Academy — an outreach division of the College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering at The University of Akron!

This educational contest was designed to give students a new opportunity to have fun learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics (STEAM) and a truly unique class of materials known as polymers! Beginning each Fall, we invite students from across the nation to come up with new ways of using rubber band(s) to create amazing inventions, games, artworks, and more!


  • To design and create a working invention/artwork that incorporates at least one (1) rubber band.




  • The first place winner in each division will receive $600.
  • The runner-up in each division will receive $300.
  • The four remaining finalists in each division (who are not a first place winner or runner-up) will receive $150.
  • Even more schools can win $$$ in 2018: The top 8 schools with the most entries will each receive a $200 donation.

CONTEST LESSON PLAN: standard aligned and easy to integrate with your curriculum

    • Alignment with multiple standards:
      • Next Generation Science Standards
      • Common Core Standards
      • National Standards (Grades 5-8)
      • Ohio Academic Content Standards for Science
      • Ohio Revised Science Education Standards and Model Curriculum
  • Learn more about the Rubber Band Contest Lesson Plan


A few past winners and runners-up talk about their experiences with the contest, as well as tell us some of the story behind their prize-winning entries.