2014 Contest Results!

And the winners and runners-up are...


  • First Place Winner (awarded $2000):

David Cohen - Grade 7 - Dallas, TX - Programmable Music Box

Essay excerpt: The Programmable Music Box is a device that uses rubber bands as musical strings to create a melody. The device consists of four main parts: the base, the wheel, the amplifier, and the strings. The music box can be programmed by adjusting the amount of twisting [in each rubber band], so that a short melody can be played when the wheel is rotated. The more the rubber bands are twisted, the lower the pitch, since the string becomes thicker. This device can help teach physics in a fun and interactive way.

  • Runner-Up (awarded $1000):

Paul Gensbigler - Grade 6 - Mechanicsburg, PA - The Rubberband Night

Essay excerpt: My idea was to create a piece of artwork by painting on rubber bands. It is a copy of Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh. My invention uses rubber bands to tell a story. The rubber bands' natural curves copy the swirls and movement of the painting. The rubber bands were good to work with because they have a natural flow. The rubber bands provided the texture needed to make my painting come alive. As you can see the rubber bands were truly the star of the show.


  • First Place Winner (awarded $2000):

Sammy DiTirro - Grade 8 - Rootstown, OH - Baseball Cannon

Essay excerpt: For my invention, I wanted to build something fun but also beneficial, and a baseball cannon was the obvious choice. This cannon is beneficial by providing an easy way of throwing pop-flies during a practice. The cannon would also be useful to people with a physical disability that may not be able to throw a ball. When you pull back the handle, tension builds up in the jumbo rubber bands, and when the handle is released, so is the energy stored in the rubber bands, making the baseball fly.

  • Runner-Up (awarded $1000):

Lawson Gray - Grade 8 - Cumming, GA - Oreo-crème Splitter 2014

Essay excerpt: Every day, thousands of people across the globe are faced with a daunting challenge of separating the cookie from the crème of milk's favorite cookie, the Oreo®. We must find a solution to this ordeal, which is why I have invented the Oreo-crème Splitter 2014. My creation is very simple, using easily accessible rubber bands to power it the device uses two precisely aligned razor blades to split the cookie from the crème. Being powered off of the simple household rubber band, the "OCS'14" should be very simple to create and power.


  • Holy Family-Kirkland - Kirkland, WA
  • Eagle Ridge Middle School - Ashburn, VA
  • Winslow Junior High School - Winslow, ME
  • North Ridgeville Middle School - North Ridgeville, OH

The Rubber Band Contest is hosted by The Akron Global Polymer Academy at The University of Akron.